urgent care

Common urgent care problems include toothache pain, abscesses in the gums and bone, and broken, chipped, or badly decayed teeth. We also see problems with crowns, bridges, and acute jaw problems.

If you are in pain we will do everything we can to eliminate the pain before, during and after treatment. We’ll get you into the office as quickly as possible and help relieve the pain. Call right away and we will get you the help you need: During working hours call: 734-753-4300 or after hours call Dr. Merlos at: 734-649-8241.

If you’re not sure what dental treatment you need, just give us a call. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Even if you dread visiting the dentist or it has been years since you've even seen one, Relax. Don't worry. Our dental health care staff will take good care of you and your teeth in a calming environment. We offer solutions to make your visit as pleasant as possible.